Actually, not real but a great idea. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Lucas will allow ThinkGeek to make them. It’s not impossible, I still want a Tauntaun Sleeping Bag.

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  1. Teehee! I want TG to make those! I’m living in the High Desert of AZ now, so not quite as hot as The Valley on the Sun… but it still gets up to 100°F in late Summer (and this house doesn’t have A/C!!! *scream face*)

    If I had the $$, Tony, I’d buy you that Tauntaun sleeping bag (am I even spelling it right?!?). Eric gives me the puppy-dog eyes, begging for one, every time we buy something (or even just get a catalog) from TG. Since he stole my Timmy sticker from this last order, no Taumtaun for him!! *stamps foot* (He also stole my Freeloader… jerkface LOL)

    So, yeah, I was able to recover the URL to your blog via my phone (I still haven’t even bothered to unpack my PC, so all my interwebz are still done on my DroidX >.<) I'm gonna try to reach you via phone- actual voice comm…. and I'm hoping you answer…
    Miss ya terribly ^..^<

  2. Glad to hear you’re doing well. I will be in Phoenix the last week of April and the 1st of May! Comic Con!

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