I am living at home again. Partially because of circumstance, partially because my family asked me too. My life has changed to say the least. I miss people that mean a lot to me. I miss my work. Finding a new job has been difficult, not only because of the economy, but also because I am 60 miles from the nearest town. This makes job hunting difficult. I’m trying to not let the rejection letters get me down.

Other things have changed as well. My parents are getting older and beginning to show their age. They both went to the doctor yesterday. My father has not been feeling well for a long time. He has spent the last 3 years of his retirement fixing up their house. It’s been a big job for him, too big I think. His blood pressure is high, he’s feeling run down most of the time, and is not sleeping well. He is showing his age, and it seems to show that he is older than he actually is.

My mother has been fighting a bronchial infection due to asthma. She stubbornly ignored our pleas to go to the doctor until yesterday. She spent 5 hours in urgent care getting breathing treatments and steroids. She is having arthritic back pain which is making sleeping difficult. It has slowed her down a lot.

I don’t feel like I can do enough to help them. There is a lot that needs to be done around here that I can’t do, like clearing the junk out of the backyard and such. I can’t physically do a lot of the things that need to be done. Things like this make me feel like I’m not doing everything I could, but I don’t know how to do more.

But I spend my time helping my mom fix up her PC and helping them get a new printer they needed desperately. Mom wants to do more online, but the lack of broadband in this area makes it difficult and frustrating for her. Patience is not a strong point with me or my family.

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