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Well done, Bill Adama!

26% Benjamin_Sisko, 17% Kathryn_Janeway, 15% Jean-Luc_Picard, 17% Johnathan_Archer, 29% William_Adama and 18% James_T_Kirk!

Technically an admiral, previously a commander, and never a captain… but… he captained a ship… er battlestar… WHATEVER, damn! Stupid nitpicking nerds. Not so much a hidden result but more like a “pick one that doesn’t belong”. His character is a lot like Sisko’s and that isn’t much of a coincidence considering Battlestar Galactica is co-written and co-produced by one of the best writers the Star Trek series ever had: Ronald D Moore. Adama’s role is another tough one to play because he is one of those rare military heads that actually cares about the lives of civilians but doesn’t let his compassion get in the way of making volatile and controversial military decisions. Plus, he actually lived after getting shot twice in the chest! Now THAT’s tenacity.

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