Last month my friend Pepe and I had a table at the Long Beach Comic Con. Pepe is doing his best to promote his self-published comic “Tales of Blood and Fire” It’s a project that has been years in the making.

I have always been an attendee of these shows. This was the first time I’ve actually worked at a con. I had a blast. I got to meet and talk with a few people in the comic and entertainment world. Thomas Jane was there promoting his new film “Dark Country”. We didn’t get to see the 3-D premiere, because it was Pepe’s step-daughther, Josy’s birthday, and I was looking forward to dinner that night.

Thomas Jane and Tim Bradstreet were pretty laid back. Jane spent all day Saturday walking around barefoot. Something he confided to me was the norm for him. On Sunday he had shoes on. Apparently, convention security had asked that he wear them. 🙂 Both Bradstreet and Jane were down to earth and friendly. They both walked the floor of the convention, taking time to stop and talk to fans and independent artist in “Artist Alley”. Bradstreet took the time to autograph and draw a sketch in my copy of “Archetype” and Thomas Jane autographed “The Punisher” print in the book.

I walked the floor several times. I found that some of the “big” celebrities (who shall remain nameless) were either AWOL or didn’t want to talk or pose for photos unless you bought something from them. Oh well, some of the other were more friendly. I met Bob Clark, “The Gorn”  from Star Trek TOS. Nice guy, I had to laugh when I found out he actually lives out in the desert near where the Gorn fought Kirk.

Other Trek actors I had the pleasure to meet were Arlene Martel (Spock’s fiance from “Amok Time”) and Crystal Allen from my favorite episode of Enterprise “Bound”.

I also met Adrienne Wilkinson, the actress from Xena and the video game “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” . She stopped me in the aisle and said she liked my “Sith Happens” t-shirt. We chatted for quite a while.

I really had a great time. I’m looking forward to the Bakersfield and Seattle Cons. Here’s a link to a few photos we took.

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