Prince can pull off a masterful ballad. As much as I like some of his early 80’s and 90’s ballads, some of his recent slow songs have left me sorta, meh! The bulk of his recent albums have been ballads of this caliber. In my opinion he sorely needed to return to his hard rock guitar driven stuff. Tonight he premiered a new song, “Lay Down”, on George Lopez Tonight. Nice to hear him go back to his rock roots a little bit. I’m eager to hear the album that it comes from.

Speaking of his 80’s ballads the second song he performed was “The Beautiful Ones” from “Purple Rain”. Still his most iconic album and film. I think I must have listened to that album a million times throughout the 1980’s. It was my personal soundtrack during that decade I think. The most striking thing of this performance is the ballerina performing on stage. Misty Copeland, the American Ballet Soloist. Absolutely stunning!

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