I was watching Star Trek (The Original Series) last night. It was the episode “The Enemy Within”. You know, the episode where there is a transporter accident and Kirk (and a poorly costumed alien dog) are split into two separate versions of themselves. One is weepy, weak, and uncertain of himself. The other is the “Evil Twin”. It truly is Shatner overacting at his finest, see the scene where “Evil Kirk” proclaims “I’M CAPTAIN KIRK! It’s Shatner gold.

As I was watching the show I noticed something that raised a question for me, and let me say I did a quick Google search, I’m not the only person on the web to ask this question. But I’m asking it anyway.

Why the hell does Captain Kirk have concealer make-up in his quarters? Seriously, he uses it to cover scratches on his face after trying to have his way with Yeoman Rand. In order to hide the evidence that will distinguish him from “Wimpy Kirk”, he finds make-up on his dresser and uses it.

I knew he had a toupee and girdle, but make-up? But I jest. This is one of the best episodes of the original series.

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