I think I’ve written before about how I spent much of my time as a kid in hospitals and body casts after surgery. As a result I watched a ton of old TV shows. To this day I still love many of them.

Recently my satellite provider added KVME Los Angeles Channel 20, MeTV. I love it. It’s what TV Land used to be. They run many of the old TV shows I loved as a kid (and only those shows it seems). The station doesn’t seem to have a website and I don’t like linking to Facebook (need a wed developer folks?), so I can’t really link to them or I would.

I’m loving old shows like Mission:Impossible, Perry Mason, The Rockford Files, Hawaii Five-O (with Jack Lord), Wild Wild West, Star Trek, Batman, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and many more. The signal seems to flake out occasionally but I’m okay with it.

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