Comic Con Season Starts Soon

Comic Con Season Starts Soon

I’m excited for the comic convention season to start for Pepe Melan and myself. It’s hectic, but always fun. I’m hoping to have a little extra money this years for a few goodies. Not necessary though. We always have a great time.

Is it work? Yeah, maybe technically it is, but I always have a great time it never feels like actual work. I can’t draw and I rarely get asked to sign anything, I’m just happy selling the comic, meeting people, and seeing all the creative people we know or haven’t met before. There is always a ton of great costumes too. It’s energizing. That’s where most of the fun comes from I think.

Keep an eye on this site for updates and photos from our convention travels. I think there may even be one or two that we haven’t been to before. I may also have news that I’m dying to talk about, but I’m waiting until I’m completely certain before I say anything. Don’t want to jinx myself.

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