I don’t really have mixed feelings about the death of Bin Laden. I was in New York State when the 9/11 attack occurred. I felt the pain, the rage, and empathized with people in New York City and the rest of the world who lost loved ones. I think Bin Laden got what was coming to him. He mastered the plan that brought down the Twin Towers killing thousands of innocent people. He is on a par reserved for people like Hitler in my opinion. He did what he did for hatred’s sake.

I consider myself liberal in my political beliefs. I oppose the death penalty in some cases because I feel that sitting in prison would be a better punishment than paying for numerous appeals. I continue to have questions about our motives behind the Iraq war, but I support our troops who are there to do the job they are required by duty to do. Although, I still may have questions for those people who gave the orders. That is what I believe this country is about, the freedom to question authority.

What I do find distasteful is the celebrating of a death. Yes, I feel it had to happen and it was deserved. But let’s not celebrate it. If we do that it feels, to me at least, like we are no better than the terrorists we fight. Just take solace in the fact that justice was served. We are all human beings on this blue ball spinning through space. Some are evil, some not. But we are all human beings.

I do feel like I’m torn down the middle with my liberal democratic beliefs on one side and the need for justice to be dealt on the other. It’s an odd feeling. One that I tried to explain here. Not very well I think. I welcome other or opposing views, I don’t claim to understand everything.

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