I decided today to try to make a change in my life. I took the first steps anyway. I don’t want to say more than that yet, I don’t want to jinx it. Some of you that read this will know what I’m attempting. But I’m nervous and already skeptical, as the information I requested still has not arrived. Oh well, benefit of the doubt I guess.

I have been unhappy for a long time. Unsure what to do to change how I feel or how to do it. Still not very sure to be completely honest. But I do know that sitting here with nothing to do and nobody to talk with has not helped me at all. I need to do something, just very unsure and not trusting my instincts on my choice. This could either be a really good thing or a bad decision on my part. If things aren’t totally screwed up my instincts are not to mess with anything. But I needed to do something or I might go crazy.

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