So I’m back from Comic Con. What nightm– adventure. On Wednesday (Preview Night) I got about 20 feet through the doorway when I proceeded to take a spill on the escalator. I was dehydrated, exhausted from a 20 minute walk and I cut my hand in the fall. My blood pressure and heart rate was way up. So I sort of sprayed blood everywhere and the towel I used to put pressure on the wound looked a heck of a lot worse than the injury actually was.

I was taken by ambulance to the ER where the doctors replenished my fluids and monitored me for about 5 hours. After that I took a cab back to the hotel, where I then began reenacting the chest waxing scene from The 40 Year Old Virgin by trying to gently (and unsuccessfully) remove the electrodes from the multiple EKGs they gave me. What a pain, literally.

The next day was in a haze for me and I really was feeling too good. After that my experience got better as I learned the ins and outs of San Diego Comic Con. I went to several panels but did not get many pictures. It’s very crowded and not easy to manage a camera. I didn’t get any shots worth posting here. I did get to see family and friends that I haven’t seen in many years. It was a blast, and I hope to keep in touch and see them more often.

A highlight of the Con for me was the panel for the TV show Chuck. This is the shows last season and they are determined to take the show out in a way that will be fun for the fans of the show. Below I embedded the teaser video that was shown at the Comic Con panel, enjoy.

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