I really need to write here more often. Most of the time I just feel I have nothing interesting to write about. Life here is pretty dull most of the time. On a good note, the web business has picked up a bit. Not enough for a great paycheck, but it keeps me busy and I enjoy the work. I guess that is what’s important.

I’m waiting for the convention season to start. For some unknown reason I thought it was going to start last month. I was disappointed to find out that it doesn’t actually begin till next month, oh well!

I’m thinking of actually beginning to use this site for stories, ideas, and all such stuff. Nobody actually reads this drivel, so why not?! Not that I have a lot of those to post either. But maybe it’ll get the creative juices flowing again.

I’ve been reading a lot. But that doesn’t seem to be inspiring me too much. I have also been watching a lot of old TV shows I’ve either not seen before, Farscape, or haven’t watched in a long time, Twin Peaks. I enjoyed the entire series run of Farscape, but was a little put off by the two hour wrap-up movie. Not enough to hate it. Just a few little things I didn’t like. Transferring a Human/Sebacean fetus from the gullet of a Hynerian was a bit much to begin with, but to do it during the heat of combat was just too ridiculous.

I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed Twin Peaks during the original 1990-1991 run. Watching the DVDs that have sat on my shelf for 10 years or more brought it all back. Although, why the hell would the producers not include the series pilot on the first season set of DVDs? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, it’s the most important episode of the whole damn show. From what I’ve read it was a contract dispute or some such nonsense.

Regardless, Twin Peaks is still top-notch TV. Quirky characters, dark humor, cool jazz soundtrack, not to mention a haunting opening theme. It’s David Lynch at his weird best. It’s a “Damn fine cup of coffee”.

Expect to see a couple of small changes to the design of this site. Just a few minor fixes. Nothing to write home about. So I’ll just write it here.

Over and out.

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