I’m still thinking about the dream I had last night. Normally I don’t remember my dreams or if I do they don’t stick and are forgotten by the time my day has started. I’m not sure why this dream seems to have stuck in my head. It was an odd dream that made little sense.

The things I remember are just flashes and images really. But I do remember someone playing their version of “Teen Spirit”. It had a different style to it and it sounded nothing like the Nirvana version. But I could make out what song was being played. Strange because though I have the original album, I rarely listen to it.

The next thing I remember is a scouting trip to the Arctic and being partially submerge in the water near an ice floe. Once again don’t ask me why. I have no clue. I don’t even remember making it out of the water. But I wasn’t scared or even remotely cold or frozen. Which I find odd.

Lastly, and most weirdly (is that word?), I can remember some sort or strange bomb going off. Giant arcs of yellow/orange plasma energy all around. I remember feeling a tingle in the air as the bolts of energy shot back and forth surrounding me. Then comes the really weird part. The rocks on the ground around me began to form faces and speak! I’m disappointed, I don’t remember what they said.

Now let me just state for the record; I have never done drugs of any kind. But from this nocturnal journey of 1990’s grunge, Arctic exploring, and talking landscapes, you’d never freakin’ know that! The only thing I can think is NO MORE XANTH NOVELS BEFORE BEDTIME! But then again it was better than the nightmares I have at times that set off my anxiety attacks. (see Night Mare, I guess)

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