Today started off bad and just got worse. As I said before I woke with depression and anxiety already running rampant in my body. I kept thinking “Okay, just relax, things are not that bad.” But then I proceeded to pay my bills. This sent me on a roller coaster journey. I logged in to my Capital One account to pay my car payment. I was ecstatic to see that my balance on my loan as of today $526 and change. I was proud that even though times are tough and I’ve been unemployed for the longest period ever in my life, I have been doing my damnedest to see that my car payments are made and my only mode of transport is taken care of.

So, I go to make an online payment. But as usual the Capital One website is “Unable process my request at this time.” So I call the 800 number and make a $410 payment. Another feeling of “Woo hoo!” until… As I’m finishing the call the guy on the other end says as of today your balance is $800 and change which will be reduced by todays payment. WTF? The Capital One Account website said I only owed $526 and change? I calmly ask the rep why there is a discrepancy between my account on Capital One’s website and the computer that the rep uses that says I owe $800+. The rep start digging but can’t give me and answer. So again I say “All I would like would be an explanation, please.” I didn’t curse or lose my temper. As I kept pushing the point the rep says to me “Sir, this connection on the phone keeps dropping out and I’m going to have to disconnect this call.” And he then HUNG UP ON ME!

So I immediately call back and got a new rep and I explained what happened on the previous call and also that I was NOT HAPPY! So repeat the above. And I’m then told the explanation is that the telephone reps go by “their records” meaning Capital One, and the $409 left on the account is what I now owe. I ask “Isn’t the Capital One website your records as well? Why are the two different?”. She says well I can mail you copies of the records I have here. To which I say “Yes, and I can send you prints of what I see on YOUR website. Is there a person I can talk to in a higher position or an email address to where I can send my inquiry?” The rep says “No!”. The call ends.

So in closing let me say that Capital One Bank SUCKS! I treated them with respect never once losing my temper or raising my voice. The banks which we the public bailed out with $700 billion do not care that they are screwing us. We the little people don’t seem to matter to them in the least.

This is not over! I vow to get this straightened out. Capital One SUCKS!

EDIT: A bit of clarification

Paper bill I get in the mail says one amount amount due is double the amount of the paper bill

Amount I paid was double the online amount.


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