It’s been an okay week. I’m coming down from a productive week of outlining a story for a possible novel idea I have. I’ve worked on it in my head for some time. Finally getting the guts to commit it to paper, at least in an outline form. Not much, but a start. I’m actually happy that it actually got started. Now I just need to work through it.

I also packed for a trip tomorrow. Not like that’s hard, but I never seem to actually want to do it. Not sure why that is, because I’m always chomping at the bit to get out of this terrible and lonely place. My brain makes no sense to me sometimes. Still need to pack my small leather bag with notebooks, pens, phone, batteries, and other small little needs. One of which was a sewing kit, don’t know why I packed it. But I ended up lending it to somebody that needed it. Go figure!

The down? Well I’m just working through stuff. It got me at first, but I pushed through it. Which for me is an accomplishment. It’s still there, and might be for some time. But I’m moving forward regardless of how I feel. I do feel tired, but that seems to be my normal state these days.

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