I try to keep busy and look for work every day. Most days I apply for one or two jobs. The waiting is what gets to me and sends my anxiety level through the roof. I exercise and read to keep my mind off of my troubles. Some days I’m more successful than others.

I write, but only a day-to-day journal of my thoughts and fears. My creativity feels like it has stalled. I wish I could come up with more ideas of how to manage my daily stress. Diet is a factor, but being out in the boonies with no access to healthier foods is a definite hinderance. I do take vitamins and a plethora of medications, and I have cut back on sugar. I am trying in small ways to make healthier choices.

Part of me knows that my situation is only temporary and I will eventually find work. I just want to stay healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. I’m not giving up, just feeling like I’m moving too slow.

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