The advantage of having no readers of this blog is the fact that I won’t be getting much criticism of what I write here. Yay! But I guess critics are a fact of life if you’re going to try to be successful at anything. So, if I decide to do anything beyond this site I had better ready myself for the negative comments.

For me this won’t be too hard. I’m tough on myself. I’m probably my biggest critic. I second guess myself and edit myself a ton before I push the button on anything I release to the world. I hold back a lot of what I come up with, which I guess is good because I feel that most of what I come up might not need to be said.

But someone said to me today “What have you got to lose at this point?” Which after I thought about it, isn’t much. So damn the torpedoes. I’m going to do my best to put what I’m feeling here. Hopefully it won’t just pointless drivel. If it turns out to be pointless, so be it.

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