The anxiety has lifted for the most part thanks to resting for the day. We were suppose to head to the coast today. But nobody felt like doing it. Allergies are hitting everyone here at home very hard. That coupled with my anxiety really made today extremely uncomfortable. A quiet day without a media barrage of any type, no reading, chatting, music, or television, helped me deal with all of it.

Going to spend the night working on an outline for a potential project I have running around in my brain. Going to try to get it on paper. It’s a step forward, a small one, but I’ll take it. I always seem to have a post convention drop in my creativity and motivation. Only today felt like a particularly bad meltdown. Hoping that I can do something to salvage it and point myself to a more productive path.

I think I know what’s bothering me. But I don’t think I’m going to write about it just yet. I need to come to terms with it emotionally before I do anything like that. I doubt anyone here would really care. But just the same I want to wait.

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