Just going to write something here. The weekend was okay. Not great, I got new crutches so I’m all blingy and super quiet. Like a sparkling ninja. No, not a vampire, though, that might be cool too. God knows I could generate the angst for it.

Anyway, I was busy most of Saturday and have been pretty must uninspired and unmotivated since then. Spent most of the day Sunday in bed feeling lousy. I haven’t felt like writing, doing site design, or anything really. It may be something in the air. Allergies are still kicking everyone’s ass here.

I’m hoping that just putting something here will spark something. I spent most of Sunday in silence with no TV, music, or Internet. I try to detox from all the buzz once in a while. I hope that it will spark my imagination. It’s one reason I don’t do Facebook. But that only a small part of the media we are all constantly bombarded with. Does it help to walk away from it? Probably, but I’m not sure.

But hey, I’m not promising that anything of substance will every be put here. There is alway hope. But I don’t want to promise anything. That way I’m not a liar and your expectations are low.

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