I had a great time seeing friends at Big Wow ComicFest last weekend. San Jose is a beautiful town. I could actually see myself living there. There were not a lot of costumed folks at this show and it was more comic driven than other shows I’ve been at in the past, which is good for comic creators.

I did meet Richard Kiel, which was fun since I’m a huge fan of the James Bond films. Mr. Kiel, whom you may remember as Jaws, the villain turned good guy with the metal teeth, was great. Just really intimidating at first, he’s a giant of a man. What a treat to meet him.

Oh, I did get a photo of female Loki.

Female Loki
Female Loki

Also, check out the sites of my friends Emonic and Allan Angel. There’s some really good stuff. I was disappointed we didn’t have time to make it to Emo’s gallery show in San Jose.

Next up, Phoenix!

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