I’ve been working on an outline for a story/possible novel I’m working on. I’ve actually put pen to paper on this project. That is many steps closer than in the past.

I’m working on character ideas now. I like them to be original, not the cookie-cutter characters from other fantasy/science fiction novels I’ve read. I’ve read too many stories of the lonely farm boy/blacksmith nephew/scrawny schoolboy becoming the hero. I don’t want to do that. Is that part of the formula? Then I don’t want to use it. So this is just one hurdle I’m looking at, I’m sure there will be others.

I also want a unique story. I’m sure it’ll be some sort of quest. But I don’t want to take the “One Ring” to Mount Doom, or destroy a space station (That’s no moon!). So I guess I’m going to be playing with all sorts of ideas. I think I have ideas on what will work, I just have to put it all down and work it on to the page.

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